Monday, June 14, 2010

Why Bother?

Let’s be honest. As a friend pointed out, the race is always to the swift. If he is mistaken, it is not by much. Sometimes the second fastest guy runs a better race, or the best runner has an off day. The 14, 238th best runner never wins. So why run at all?

Last week, I sat at a fundraiser for Chai Lifeline, the organization that helps children who have cancer or other life-threatening diseases. Like many organizations, Chai Lifeline is in need of a serious infusion of money and the people at this event were capable of delivering it. As I listened to the pledges get called out, I must admit that I started to feel bad. Three pledges by these wealthy donors amounted to more money than I would raise in my mom’s memory, even if I reach the goal of $25,000. It will take me more than six months and it will take many e-mails, phone calls and nudging. Why bother?

When I run a race, all I can do is see what I have in me. I will never be the best, but if I really push myself, and get past all of the laziness and excuses, I might reach my best. I will not move at the same pace as the fastest runner, but my heart will beat its hardest as I push it to its limits, just as his does. The $25,000 that I will raise will not solve all of Chai Lifeline’s problems. It will represent a real effort on my part; an effort to work my hardest, to push beyond what I have done in the past, all as a way of honoring my mom. Your kindness will help me do it.

PLEASE donate in my mom’s memory to help children with cancer:

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