Monday, June 7, 2010

In Memory of Mom

In the past I have tried to write something creative to start off the fundraising for Chai Lifeline, the organization that helps children who have cancer. This year, what is there to say? My mom died just one month ago after a long and courageous fight against cancer. Now it is our turn to continue the fight in her memory. Eric, Rochie and I (and maybe other family members as well) will be running this year for Team Lifeline as a tribute to mom. By raising money to help children who are sick, we will be battling cancer and helping children, something she did in her long and productive career as a teacher. By gathering as a family in Miami, we will share the love that she gave us. We have set a fundraising goal of $25,000. Yes that is a lot of money, but we will get there.

Please help.

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