Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mind Control

Running, particularly running a long distance, is not easy. One of the ways to deal with the challenge is that I disassociate. Simply put, that means I stop thinking about what I am doing. Although at the beginning, when I first started running, I had to think about each step, now that it is second nature; my mind can be somewhere else while I run. In fact, it is while I run that I often think about what I write.

As part of the year of mourning for my mom, I am the prayer leader each day, sometimes as often as three times a day. It is considered to be an honor for my mother. It has not been easy. Although I am praying no more than usual, the need to be unusually punctual, as well as having to keep a pace that makes everyone happy, is a big challenge. There are times, knowing the words so well that while I saying them, my mind is somewhere else. I find myself fighting to keep my mind on the prayers. In fact, I thought of the idea of what I am writing right now, during prayers this morning.

Do I control my mind, or does it control me?

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  1. As a fellow traveler in life and in this year of mourning I agree that it is not easy. I too find the leading hard. In heneral, I too wonder about thoughts and how they work. I like the way you wrote this.