Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Of Parking Spots and Belgian Waffles

It’s happened enough times that it has become a pattern. I pull into a parking spot as I arrive at work for the day. After getting out of my car, I notice a spot that is lightly closer. Immediately, I am filled with regret at having lost the better spot. How can it be that a guy who runs 26.2 miles for run, regrets having to walk an extra ten feet?

I will be heading to Israel in just over two weeks. To get an affordable flight, I had to take a ticket with a stopover in Europe. I had a choice of a five hour stay, where I would have to stay in the airport or an 11 hour stop where I could see Brussels. Given a chance to see visit a beautiful city for the first time, why did I find myself waffling? (Yes, I am aware that this is one of the worst puns ever).

I have a desire for comfort and ease in my life, with which I am not comfortable. One does not grow by remaining in a self-created cocoon. It is safe and easy to remain there, but it prevents you from living. It is by facing and embracing challenges, by breaking out from self-contained limitations that one truly lives.

I am starting to work on embracing challenge. Meanwhile does anyone have any idea what to do while I am in Brussels?

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