Thursday, December 31, 2009


Although the injury is gone the lesson remains.

Several months ago I had some pain in my knee. During my last run, I had felt little pops in my knee which seemed more appropriate for Rice Krispees. My wife, ignoring my objections that I would be fine, made an appointment for me at a physical therapist. After checking out my knee, his diagnosis was that I had a muscle imbalance that had thrown my knee off. By running, I had worked some muscles in my leg very well by ignoring others. I could fix the problem by doing certain exercises to work those unused muscles. This got me thinking.

There are certain things in life that I enjoy and I throw myself into them. Other things are not to my liking and I try my best to ignore them, often to my detriment. I think there is a tendency we all have to focus on what we like or are good at and to let the other side go. This creates an imbalance, be it psychological, emotional or otherwise. We are multifaceted beings. We are meant to be in balance. We avoid doing so at our own peril.

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