Thursday, February 7, 2013

How I Became an Ambassador

When it comes to contests, lotteries, raffles and the like, I don't have the best attitude. I think of myself as never winning at these things, even though, at times, I have. Even worse, when I do enter, apply or buy a ticket, I'm always convinced I am going to win, and feel let down that I don't. Never mind that the odds might be 100 million to one that I become a millionaire through Powerball. I still feel horribly wronged when some other person's numbers are called. That being the case, it was amazing that I bothered to apply to be a Brand Ambassador for an upstart running apparel company, Reckless Running.

As with all important things in my life, I heard about it through Facebook. Two time Olympian Anthony Famiglietti, the co-founder of the company, announced that they were looking for people to help promote the brand. Immediately, the words which have been uttered by all those who accomplish great things in the world, came to mind. “I don't have a chance” I thought. Still, I was intrigued. I had always assumed that running companies were searching for runners who were over 40, with receding hairlines, large families and middle of the pack running times. I sat by my phone waiting for Nike, Adidas or Asics to call. At first, I figured they couldn't find my number. Then, I started to give up hope. Here was my chance.

Before I applied, I went to the Reckless Running website to learn what they were all about. “Runners of all ages, race times and distances, male and female can apply.” “Woohoo!” I thought. It was as if it was perfectly tailored for me. Sure there was some other stuff about inspiring, spirit and unique, but I figured they'd be blown away by the fact that I was a male runner with an age, race times and distances. After much deliberation, I decided to not spray Axe cologne on my application, especially since I was applying online.

After hitting “send”, I anxiously waited by my computer for the next 15 minutes. “What is taking them so long?” I wondered. I waited another five minutes, remembered that I don't win anything, and gave up.

A few nights ago, as I was about to go to bed, having finished responding to all my fan mail, I received an email telling me I had been chosen. “Yes” I thought. I had known, when I applied, that I would be the perfect new character for “Cheers”. Then I recalled that they had chosen that annoying Norm guy, for that role and looked at the email address. It was from Reckless Running! I was a little taken aback that they had forgotten to mention anything about my signing bonus, but I was pretty psyched about the free gear. I wondered why they had picked me. “Was I the only applicant?” I wondered as I excitedly read the email. Nope. There were over 200 applicants. Then it hit me. They must have been really impressed with my sub 2 hour marathon and the picture I submitted of my doppelganger, Tom Cruise. After calling my agent, publicist and barber, I wrote back to tell them I'd think about it.

For at least the next year, I'll be the guy running through the neighborhood in cool running gear with winged feet and skulls. I should fit right in, in Passaic.

So there you have it. That's more or less the true story of how it went down.

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  1. If you need a mid-30's woman with a bad knee who hates to run, but does it to share a "hobby" with her husband, let me know! :)