Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Been a While

It sure has been a while since I wrote and it's not for the obvious reasons. Sure, having a new baby adds a bit to my level of exhaustion, but as teacher, I am on summer break. If I had something to write, I would have. It's not for a lack of running. I've been running six days a week and even put in 60 miles last week. So what is it? Well, to paraphrase Freud, I've learned that sometimes running is just running. It doesn't always contain the answer to life's great mysteries or help me understand the doings of my creator. Sometimes it's just running. Sticking to a plan, running through exhaustion and soreness, dealing with unbearable heat and humidity.

Truth is though, I think that's starting to change. I am only two weeks away from the JRunners 200K Relay (really more than that, but what's 15 miles between friends?) where I will be running, along with nine teammates, from Brooklyn to the Catskills. It promises to be a big challenge and a load of fun. I met my teammates last night and even went on a group run across the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges after midnight with some of the guys afterwards. There's other exciting stuff coming up as well, but I'll save that for another time.

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  1. Sounds good, like you're letting running - and life - and running your life just be.