Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Name Remains the Same

Thoughts on the Road to Boston

You might have thought that I would change the subtitle of my blog: “Thoughts on the Road to Boston”. After all, with the new changes the BAA has made for qualifying for Boston, what just recently seemed so close is now quite far away. I am reminded of the streets of Boston, where drivers complain that they see the street they are trying to get to, but are unable to get there. Still, I have decided to not change the name.

BAA’s decision has already impacted my running. I continue to push in my training, but I feel a lot less pressure. For a while, my plan had been to find a fast course, qualify for Boston, and then start running the enjoyable marathons that were more challenging. Now, I have reversed course. Yesterday, I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon, a marathon that takes place around our nation’s capitol, and is put on by the Marines. Best of all, the course finishes by the Iwo Jima statue, which, “Flags of Our Fathers” aside, is still one of the coolest places in America. Add in my strong feelings of patriotism and I just might be in heaven. Will I be able to run my fastest time there? Maybe not, but at this point, I just don’t care. I just want to continue to enjoying running.

I’d still like to think that I will make it to Boston at some point, later if not sooner. Who knows? As the pressure recedes and my pleasure increases with my running, I just might become a better runner. For now, Semper Fi!

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  1. I tried to get Bangle to get that qualifying and registering are two completely different things. *IF* (that if is the size of Lady Liberty) I were to run the Portland marathon this year in 3:20, I will have BQ'd. The fact that the likelihood of my actually being able to register hasn't changed my qualification status. I'm still sticking with "run for fun" and if their changing of the registration and the times gets more people on board all the better. Too much stress for a fun activity.

    Is the MOTPRabbi a new blog?

  2. Hi NB,

    I am not familiar with that blog. Could you please send me the link?

  3. I was tired when I posted the comment, and was being lazy...MOTPRabbi *is* your blog...I just hadn't parsed the name correctly.

  4. Oops :) I was sending it out as an e-mail for years. I turned it into a real blog more recently.