Monday, October 18, 2010

Of Cleveland, Friends and Runs

We drove about 900 miles this weekend to attend my closest friend’s son’s bar mitzvah in Cleveland. Here are some things I took out of the weekend.

- There is a city in Pennsylvania called “Mile Run”. I was disappointed to discover that it is not a city of moderately fit people. A “run” according to Google is a creek.

- On the way there we passed a sign that must have been put up by the Department of redundancies department. It read “Mile Run- One Mile”.

- That was much better than the factually incorrect sign we passed on the way back. This one read “Mile Run- Two Miles”.

- My wife is even more competitive than I thought. During the ride she told me that if she trained as much as I do, she would be faster than I am. Mustering up all of the maturity I possess, I told her that if that happened I’d either stop running or get divorced. I was joking…I think.

- When one forgets to pack running socks, it is good to have a wife who also runs. Thankfully, they were not pink.

- It is a REALLY BAD idea to eat eggplant parmesan the night before a 15 mile run.

- It is REALLY, REALLY BAD to take doubles.

- It is just plain STUPID to do so, and get less than five hours of sleep.

- Thank G-d, Suburban Cleveland has many wooded areas.

- Fall foliage is beautiful, but there are some things for which leaves were not intended.

- It is good to have a good friend who doesn’t abandon you when a 15 mile run that should take two hours, takes almost three.

- A grandmother can never be replaced, but it takes a special lady like my friend’s mom, to try.

- Watching your children play with your friend’s children is priceless.

- True friends are special. It would have been worth the drive, even if it had been 9000 miles.

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