Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Perfect Storm

I don’t think a man is supposed to have a favorite tree. If he does and is willing to admit it, he would be wise to choose the mighty oak or a never changing evergreen. What can I do? My favorite tree is the cherry blossom. I think they are pretty and, besides, my wife and younger children love them and seeing the pink of those gorgeous trees makes me think of my family.

I have been working for a while to try and appreciate cloudy and rainy days. I figured that either I could get upset every time there was bad weather, or I could come to appreciate the beauty of a stark grey sky, so I chose the latter. Yesterday turned into one of those days. Although it was mostly sunny when I started running, midway through the run, the sky started looking ominous. I half looked forward to the cool rain and half dreaded getting soaked to the bone. Little by little the sky grew darker and the wind stronger. I tightened the band on my running hat and continued my run. It started to lightly rain. The cool drops felt good. I turned the corner and hit a stretch that is lined by cherry blossom trees. I was hit by the beauty in the contrats of the grey sky and the pink leaves. Suddenly, the wind started blowing the tree’s leaves off the tree and I was treated to a shower of cool rain and gently falling leaves. The most incredible feeling came over me as I ran in my own personal ticker tape parade.

There is tremendous beauty around us waiting to be seen if we just open our eyes and minds to it.

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